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Readathon Wrap-up: Nox

After not getting home from game night at a friend’s house until after midnight, I was doubting my ability to start the readathon on time.


But I woke up even before my alarm went off! I guess I was excited.

I read or listened throughout the day until sometime during Hour 17 when I passed out on the couch so hard that I woke up 20 minutes later with what seemed like permanent lines across my entire face. I decided that I’d made a valiant attempt and went to bed.

I ended up finishing 2 books and started on another. I read a total of 1,147 pages and I listened to 2 hours and 24 minutes of my audiobook. To be honest, this is probably the most I’ve listened to since moving to Wyoming. My town is so much smaller now that I can only do audiobooks on long car trips whereas before I would listen driving around town, running errands, or on my way to work. I should start running so I have more of a chance to listen. Or if anyone has a waterproof way for me to listen while swimming, that would be ideal. 🙂

Finished Books:

  • Life after Life. 4 stars. 162 pages. A book club pick that I had started before the readathon began
  • The Fireman. 5 stars. 747 pages. Review to come!

Progress Made:

  • The Turning Point. 238 of 470 pages. I blame this book for my falling asleep – it’s really not very good.
  • The Summer Before the War. 2 hours, 25 minutes of 15 hours, 48 minutes. I’m really liking it so far, so I’ll have to find time to continue listening.

Not Read:

  • The Girls
  • Death at Breakfast

I’m glad I participated again; I was much more successful than last time. I do want to find a way to make it more interactive though. The knowledge that there are others out there doing the same thing helps, but personally I find going to the GoodReads group is more of a distraction than anything else. I’m taking over my library’s “After Hours” Book Club at one of the local bars, so maybe by October we can make it a group thing in town.