Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon: Nox

Tomorrow, I’ll be participating in my 2nd ever readathon! I attempted this same challenge back in October, but didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I had meant to: I overslept (it starts at 6am!), I lost interest in my books, I ended up having to go into work for a while, life happened, etc. This time, I’m determined to do better.

In October I tried following along with the hourly challenges on GoodReads, but the group is so large it was overwhelming and I think ultimately made me give up faster. This time Madeleine is also participating so we can remotely hassle each other to stay motivated and I can avoid the chaos that is GoodReads.

So, what am I reading? ARCs! (for the most part) I was recently at PLA and ended up coming up with a stack of upcoming novels. I tend not to read books that I own (no library due dates looming), so the best motivation for getting those read before their release date is to do that as part of a project, like this one.

To keep from being overwhelmed, I’m going to focus on a smaller number of books tomorrow. I tried to pick some different genres and made sure that none take place at the same time in case I need to switch back and forth and can’t rember who belongs in which book. If by some miracle I do finish these, I have no shortage of other reading material in my house. In case you’re wondering, The Summer Before the War is an audiobook so I keep reading while getting ready for the day or cooking or if my eyes just need a break.

Now I must run to the store for last-minute snackies. Wish me luck! And follow my progress tomorrow on twitter @megaden.


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