Book Madness 2015 (Madeleine)

Madeleine's completed bracket for Out of Print Book Madness

I participated in Out of Print’s Book Madness last year, and it was a lot of fun. I actually got the final two and champion right. Last year, the theme was heroes vs. villains, which was a bit more fun to imagine than this year’s theme of classics (Atticus vs. Voldemort, anyone?). But, here are my predictions for this year.

In the final four I have Jane Eyre vs. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and To Kill a Mockingbird vs. 1984, with Jane Eyre and 1984 advancing to the finals. It was a hard choice, but in the end I chose 1984 as the winner.


4 thoughts on “Book Madness 2015 (Madeleine)

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  2. Nox Book Owl

    How did you not vote for Madeline? Were you upset that she spelled her name wrong?

    Also, I apologize for having your champion not make it out of my first round, but American Gods… it’s my favorite book by my favorite author.

    1. Madeleine Book Owl Post author

      1) I didn’t even think about the name connection (oops)! I didn’t have a particular opinion on that one, but I thought The Bell Jar might be a bit more popular among voters.

      2) 1984 vs. American Gods practically killed me.

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