Book Madness 2015 : Brackets for everyone!


Ok, now I am surprised by my winner…mostly because I haven’t even read it. I want to though, if that counts for anything…no? I didn’t think so. I hadn’t read a pretty high number of these. I was getting pretty frustrated at some of these pairs though.

I mean, who compares Madeline and The Bell Jar? In what world do those belong together? Why is Goodnight Moon even on the list? Ick. Corduroy vs Animal Farm? Is it because they are both animals? Watership down is about rabbits, at least those two together would make sense. Lolita vs Charlotte’s Web made me laugh out loud, then shudder a little. No. My final four was super interesting though.

The Bell Jar vs Jane Eyre: Two books I haven’t read, but still. Wuthering Heights vs American Gods. Final two: The Bell Jar vs American Gods. AND THE WINNER!!?!?! The Bell Jar.

I’m not sure how I voted out The Outsiders so quickly, upon rebooking at my bracket I regretted that choice, but once it’s down there is no changing it and I think that’s a good thing. Apparently, subconsciously I don’t think it should win, so who can argue with that? It was really difficult to choose between American Gods and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but c’mon, it’s Neil Gaiman.

My bracket was pretty different from Nox’s and Madeline’s, but surprisingly Nox and I picked the same winner! That must mean something, right?

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens once the voting starts, but I imagine it will go the way of my other brackets and I will disagree with most of the choices.


3 thoughts on “Book Madness 2015 : Brackets for everyone!

    1. zeldabookowl Post author

      That is awesome! I didn’t know what that was so I voted against it. Even though I don’t think I like The Little Prince…I haven’t read either one. I should have voted for Wheaties. #regret

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