The Burning

Book Cover of The Burning by Jane Casey

Title: The Burning
Author: Jane Casey
Series: Maeve Kerrigan #1
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 368 pages
Rating: 4 stars


A serial killer, named the Burning Man, is murdering and then burning the bodies of young women in London, leaving very little evidence behind for police to follow. DC Maeve Kerrigan becomes deeply involved in the case when the fifth victim is found, Rebecca Haworth. Initially assumed to be the work of the Burning Man, there are a few details that are different in Rebecca’s case, leading Maeve to dig deeper into Rebecca’s lives and the lives of those around her, including an old college friend and an ex-boyfriend.


I’ll admit, it’s been awhile since I actually read this book, so details are a bit fuzzy. What I do remember is that I really enjoyed it. While the book blurb makes it sound like the story will be about the serial killer, in reality the focus is on Maeve’s investigation of Rebecca’s death. The story actually alternates between Maeve’s point-of-view and that of Rebecca’s old college friend, Louise.

The mystery and the story were interesting, but pretty straightforward. What I liked the most about the book was Maeve’s character. Maeve’s a very driven, insightful female detective whose trying to make it in a field dominated by men. I appreciated that Maeve could hold her own on the force and stand up for herself when needed without becoming an overly one-dimensional “strong” female character. I don’t usually enjoy hardboiled, jaded detectives. Maeve’s voice was refreshing.

I definitely want to continue with this series someday.

I received an free ebook copy of The Burning through NetGalley, as part of the promotion for the newest book in the series, The Stranger You Know.


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