Original Skin

I haven’t reviewed a mystery in a while and this one is worth talking about! I really loved The Dark Winter by David Mark when I read it last year. It was totally different and the main character was really fantastic. The premise is basically a killer going around murdering people the way they would have died, which is always totally horrific. I couldn’t WAIT for the library to purchase this book! Then they did and I thought DS Aector McAvoy was great and I wanted to know more about him. Then comes Original Skin.

This plot on it’s own would have drawn me in but already knowing the characters was nice. Aector is still his lovable self and I couldn’t have been happier about that. There are a few different plot lines being drawn together and they are woven together so nicely. I never felt as though the changes in the book were jarring, mostly they just cutaway right before the good stuff to keep you reading! I also only felt like I was missing out on one plot point that seemed less developed. I won’t give anything away but I will say the way the book opens, it doesn’t really go back to that often and let you explore where that could have gone.

This one gives more insight to the main character and his life with his wife. I loved that this takes a different spin on the detective’s life than many of the other murder mysteries I have read recently. There seems to be a lack of family life or a really tragic back story regarding their family. I enjoyed reading about a happy and stable relationship for a change.

I’m actually really impressed that The Dark Winter was this authors first novel. He is definitely gifted with mystery writing and tells a really addicting tale. Add to all this the fact that before writing these novels David Mark was a crime reporter for fifteen years? His experience definitely shows and it makes the novels that much more alive. I read a lot of really dark murder books but these two definitely need some recognition.

Overall, I would say definitely pick this one up if you need a new mystery! It would make sense without reading the first one but it was so good you should read both of them!

I received an ARC copy of this from NetGalley the week after this was published (May of 2013). Keep an eye out for book 3!


2 thoughts on “Original Skin

  1. Madeleine

    I had completely forgotten about 'The Dark Winter'! I looked at the book and thought, “David Mark–sounds vaguely familiar” and was completely surprised when it turned out I had already read and enjoyed one of his books. And Aector! How could I forget him?

    I'm trying to convince myself I don't have time this one, but I think I might have to request it anyway…

    Did you ever get around to the Peter May books (The Blackhouse and The Lewis Man)? If not, you should. I really liked those. I have the third one now, along with the next Indridason book. I like reading mysteries/thrillers in the fall and winter, so I guess I can't complain!

  2. Zelda

    I haven't read Peter May yet! I shelved Blackhouse yesterday and thought about requesting it but have way too many books check out/in-transit! Publishing season for the winter is about to begin. The Y books I am on hold for are about to start pouring in.

    Also, for this winter I want to listen to Snowman by Jo Nesbo!


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