Dad Is Fat

Jim Gaffigan is my favorite comedian. I don’t mind swearing but I love that he can make me laugh until I cry and still be considered a clean comic. He can make ordinary things hilarious, like cake and bears. I adore his standup and have seen him live once. Someday I will meet him and it will be fabulous!

This book was really funny but not as funny as his standup. I almost wish I would have listened to it but I couldn’t wait for the audio to be returned so I read it myself. He reads the audiobook so the jokes would have stuck with me a little better. Next trip I take I will bring it with me.

This book is pretty much all about his family and the trials of having five children in a tiny apartment. It was as diverse as his standup but I still enjoyed it. It got a lot funnier toward the end but it was a quick read that had me smiling and laughing. If you don’t care to read about family and kids then you should skip this one. There aren’t many jokes that aren’t family based. He even pokes fun and being considered  “Family Friendly” which in his mind is “Great I am boing and awful. Kids love it so parents will hate it.” I got a kick out of that.

If you’ve never listened to Jim Gaffigan stand up Beyond the Pale is where it’s at. “It” being quality entertainment and quotes you can use on a daily basis. I quote Jim Gaffigan most days and if I don’t actually quote him, I’m thinking about it.

I think I would have given this book 5 stars if every chapter had a different subject that he joked about. It was funny and I liked that it was pretty much all about his family but it could have been a little better. That being said I still give this 4 stars since it still made me laugh a lot and Jim Gaffigan is awesome.


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