Go ahead. Judge me. It’s fine. No, really it is. I loved the first book in this series. Loved. A dystopian novel meets the bachelor? Oddly enough…sign me up!!!

I didn’t expect it either. The cover drew me in with the pretty dress and the premise was unlike anything I had read before and that was all it took. The main character has an AWFUL name. America Singer. I know. There is definitely a love triangle but I thought the first book did an ok job with it. America didn’t seem super hung up on guy #1 and guy #2 is ‘The Bachelor’ so he was new. I can understand the torn feelings since she also sort of got dumped and forced into the competition.

Anyway, the love triangle really almost ruined book 2 for me. I was so fed up with the main character I was ready to scream. Why did I keep reading? My love for book 1 forced me to persevere. I was starting to get really upset because America would be with Maxon and then tell him “I need more time. BUT I really care for you. I will be here for you” Then she would go dink around with Aspen and tell him how much she still cared for him and he still had a place in her heart. Then she would do the same thing all over again!! Not only would she do that but she got all pissed off at Maxon for kissing a couple of the other girls after she and Aspen made out! I despise double standards and that alone almost made me up the book down.

I will still read book 3 because I have to know how this ends. If she picks Aspen I will be super pissed. I think he’s kind of a tool. Unsure if I am excited but I will read it anyway. I will give this 3 stars still so that’s acceptable.


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