Peter & Max

I have a slight problem. If there are books I know that I want to read and I see them at the bookstore, I’ll buy them. Problem is: I also have library books – lots of library books. Those books have due dates. As a result I’ve owned Peter & Max for 3 years and have never read it! Terrible, I know.

Peter & Max by Bill Willingham takes place in the same world as the Fables comics, but you don’t need to know the comics to enjoy the novel. When I bought it (way back in 2009), I hadn’t read any of the comics, but meant to someday. Since then I’ve read a few and do really like them. The premise behind Fables is a group of fairytale characters live in modern-day New York after their world was conquered. Their borough is protected by wards that prevent regular humans from wandering onto a farm full of talking animals and other such potentially awkward situations. 

Peter Piper and his wife, Bo Peep, live in the country away from Fabletown and usually stick to themselves, but Peter’s rival brother, Max (the Pied Piper) has appeared and promises to wreak havoc on the fables way of life. To protect their way of life, Peter sets off across the world to hunt down his brother. The novel switches from telling what’s going on in the now-time and what happened when Peter and Max were growing up, showing Max’s decent into madness. 

It was a fun, enjoyable read. Not great literature by any means, but entertaining. I was originally going to give it 3.5 stars since the character development was a little lacking, but the end made me feel so warm and happy it gets 4!

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