Love in the Time of Cholera

I’m not going to sugar coat this so just an FYI. I hated this. Absolutely and purely hated it. I can’t think of anything redeemable about this book.

Let’s start with characters. Florentino Ariza. Pervert, man-whore, stalker and all around creep. Besides the fact that I think Fermina Daza is a little young for him, he actually sleeps with a child. She is 14 and he is about 60 years older than her. What the hell? I mean, I really wish I had read the back of the book before I voted for this for book club. If I had, I would have retracted my vote. Florentino has 622 long term liaisons, it never says what qualifies as long term but I don’t care because that is just stupid. Who does that? Not to mention that he has the gall to tell Fermina he remained a virgin for her. I can’t handle it! He makes me want to punch things. Then there’s Fermina. She also drives me crazy!! I don’t understand them as a couple or as separate people. I don’t want to either. I’m not convinced Florentino is even capable of love. He is in love with the idea of love but he has no clue about the actual concept of love.

Plot. There is none. Well if you count sex then there is a plot. His first sexual encounter that starts the obsession was such a joke. A naked woman grabs him and proceeds to have her way with him. Yeah, because THAT happens. He has weird dreams of this woman with a kid being the one who had her way with him and it’s just weird.

Oh! Stalking. That is the plot. Florentino basically stalks her until they begin to write letters to each other. Then after the letters she sees him and blows him off. He proceeds to pine for her. *gags* No. I can’t take it. I just can not take him seriously. Ugh. *cue the affairs worth mentioning* I can’t root for a pervert. It will never happen.

The ending. THE ENDING!!! If everyone in this book died then I might like it. But then again probably not. The author didn’t convince me that the characters even like each other as people in the slightest. I can’t even explain how rage filled I was at the ending.


“I wish we could just sail off into the sunset.” “Let’s do it.” “Ok!” *sails off into sunset*

Seriously? That’s what happens? We’re just going to sail forever? If the boat sank and everyone died that would be an ending. The captain murders them, that’s an ending!

I plan on watching the movie because I have this morbid curiosity to see what it’s like. I can’t see it being worse than the book but I am open to the possibility.

Final point I will bring up. Opera’s book club really strikes out for me. I should start avoiding them. I’ve only read 2 now but this was horrible and A Million Little Pieces was great but then she went all crazy on the author. She has terrible taste. 


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