Spy Camp

I love this series. Absolutely love it. Ben Ripley makes me so happy. Who knew I could love this one just as much as this first book? I enjoyed the adventures they went on in this one since they left the school and ventured into the wilderness to learn new spy tactics.

I was a bit annoyed time to time with how stupid they portrayed Hale. I know he is dumb and that is the point but at times it was a bit much. This did not detract for my overall enjoyment of the story.

This book is perfect for girls, boys or adults. It is quite fluffy and just frankly a lot of fun to read. I mean c’mon, spy school is such a great idea!! There is so much you can do and I just love the way the story flows so effortlessly.

Erica is such a badass. She is just so effortlessly cool. I can’t get enough of her in these books. Ben has his little crush on her but I enjoy that the crush isn’t such a big focus. It’s there and you are reminded of it at times but it isn’t overdone.

Let me also plug the author website right here. I went there to see on the off chance if he knew what book would come after Spy Camp and he has some really good places on there. You can print off his signature so you instantly have a signed copy of his books! There are also shirts available which I thought was pretty funny.

All in all, I am so happy that I’ve read these books. Can’t wait for more from Ben Ripley!


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